You must see “La Boum,” the cleanest French film out there. Set in the early 80s, before hair got as big as shoulder pads (or perhaps b/c the film is French and the fashion is just better), we follow a young teen going to “boums” (very mild parties—”Get me a coke?” “Ah, oui,”) and doing some even milder making out. Each time she makes out, the camera spins in a dreamy way and the soundtrack plays what sounds like the Bee Gees hook up with Abba, and then they all melt.

I can relate.

I just got the news that my essay, “My 70s Avatar” WON the Richard Hugo House New Works Competition. I will be reading “My 70s Avatar” on Friday, March 20, 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall, with Vikram Chandra and Jennifer Finney Boylan, also reading new work with the theme “My Avatar”.

Until then, I will be in my trailer.