Win $500 bucks. Read at Seattle’s Town Hall. With Phillip Lopate. Make Him Cry.

Per the Richard Hugo House Newsletter, your submission is sought for their well-regarded New Works Competition:  “… winner [of the 2009 contest–Ed.] Alle Hall [a-hem!–Ed.] gave us an insight into her ‘70s avatar—and so much more—causing visiting author Jennifer Finney Boylan to cry.”

She warn’t the only one, I tell you. Winning the New Works Competition was a career (such as it is, to date) high. There are not many places in the world where a virtually unknown writer could submit 1500 words and end up reading with Jenny Boylan and Vikram Chandra. I didn’t win the first time I entered, nor the second, nor the third. Fourth time’s a charm?

I only wish it were honorable to enter again this year. Phillip Lopate is one of my favorite essayists. To read with him in a venue such as Town Hall would be, I mean; like, wow.

This year however, it is someone else’s turn.