“How much?” That’s the question I hear most often from students in my class, “Get Published! Your Short Pieces Find a Home.” Nutshelling freelance pay:

  • Blog posts: zip, zero, nada. Excpet for rare instances (such as this business venture, which pays nominally, and strictly per page view), even big outfits like The Huffington Post don’t pay bloggers.

Comment producer: any guesses as to how one e-publishes to make actual money?

  • Journalism: depends completely on what used to be know as “circulation.” Your highest pay would be glossy magazines; $2-$3 per word. (Really big names like Esquire and GQ might pay up to $5 per word.) Regionals generally pay per article. $200-$500 is standard, depending on the circulation and the section in which your piece runs. An article running in the business section will generally bring you more than one of similar word count on the same subject in Lifestyle.

Comment producer: any guesses as to why?

  • Literary journals: where you will find writers such as myself. Pay anything from two copies to about what the gu in the photo holds in his hand. Really big names (Paris Review, New Yorker) pay much more, but if The New Yorker publishes you, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Comment producer: any guesses as to why a writer would pursue publication in a respected literary magazine over better-paying commercial assignments?

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