I’m not drumming up customers when I say: I gave intro classes with the above title at Seattle Central Community Collage’s Parent-Child Center, and also for PEPS groups. I do this as a volunteer and have no interest in making money at it. Just giving you the ol’ CV.

I started my son on ASL sign when he was 7 months; same for my daughter, learning solely from a website that used video. (I found the books to be impossible. The graphics only worked for me if I already knew the sign.)

ASL Browser:


As I said, I don’t teach sign for a living, but I am happy to answer any questions. For free, of course. If you leave me a request in the comments, I will e-mail the syllabus I used for my intro classes. (The information relates mostly to why sign with your baby and why it won’t – as your mother insists – ruin your child’s ability to speak “normally.” If you are already sold on sign, you probably won’t get too much out of it.)