Is it official: Alle is a “hip and cool parent.” (Dave Ross said so.)

Dave and some blonde.

Attention all KIRO 9-noon fans (That would be The Dave Ross Show; “spreading drive-by wisdom to the masses”): I listen to Dave most mornings; big fan. He is smart, funny and so genuine, and he dislikes a certain idiot politician as much as I do.

This morning, he read us a clip about a school motivation program that ran in four cities, and asked us to guess why it worked only in one (Dallas). The answer was simpler than anybody but a Montessori teacher would guess. I called in a got it WRONG. Nevertheless, Dave engaged me about my blog, and from there, my writing. (He asked if I was I was a parenting expert. Tee hee!)


Author: allehall

I am a writer. I write to explore childhood: literary essays and short fiction, journalism, and three haiku. My published work expresses my belief that everything which did or did not happen to me as a child is manifesting in everything that is or is not happening to me today. More importantly, it is also manifesting for my children. I believe funny is the new navel-gazing, and that the best funny keeps a penny's worth of serious in an accessible pocket. Little-known fact: I have a completed novel decorating the inside of a desk drawer. Perhaps it is not funny enough.

4 thoughts on “Is it official: Alle is a “hip and cool parent.” (Dave Ross said so.)”

  1. Good job Alle! Hey – when you ask us to email someone, it would help if you could do the research to give us their email address. Get me Dave’s email address and i’ll tell him that i’d crawl to the North Pole and my hands and knees for a chance to hear you featured on his show.

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