I had an excellent experience at the 2001 whoop-de-doo. The conference annoys writers more interested in generating work, but is suited me fine, slutting around as I was for an agent.

(I didn’t find one at the conference, but garnered the interest of editors at four different houses, which made finding an agent so much easier. I signed with her, 9/11 happened, and interest in travel books dropped faster than she did me. I believe the quote was, “I am bleeding from my eyeballs.” You have got to love this industry. in retrospect.)

All this to say, go if you are looking to sell a book. It’s fine for information-gathering, but spendy:

Current Registration Fee (between May 1 and July 9) $495.00 $595.00
Last-minute Registration Fee (postmarked after July 9)* $595.00 $695.00

2010 CONFERENCE: July 22 – 25 at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Hilton Conference Center.