Current issue of Mid-Am: pretty!

Michael “Chews-news-ki” posted the below missive to we, his Facebook nation. I highly recommend working with Mike. If you recall from his How I Got That Story interview, I wrote that after meeting him at Hugo House and reading his work, I felt I understood which of my short stories would peak his interest. didn’t place the piece with Mid-Am. Mike, however, personalized the rejection by telling me that: 1) my story inspired heated debate at editorial meetings; and 2) he was suitably impressed that the pleasant mom-type (read: “plump”?) he met could create the nasty, hot, kick-ass lady drug dealer who shoots someone’s ear off.

(Mike: another one’s coming your way, soon. Watch your ears.)

There is no way Mike can thusly extend himself for every over-the-transom sub that comes his way. Give him a reason to care about your work. And tell him Alle sent ya.

"Greetings! We'd like to announce a summer session of the MAR Online Fiction Workshop, for which we have a few spaces left. The workshop begins a week from today, May 31, and runs 9 weeks.
The class includes an intimate online setting--the class is capped at 9 students--where each participant will have the chance to workshop 3 pieces, and join in a thriving online literary community. In additiion, a bevy of topics are discussed through blog postings, topics such as how to get your work published, writing strategies, MFA programs, and writing exercises. The workshops have met with tremendous success in the past, and this is a limited opportunity, one that's about to expire.
The workshop is $395, payable by credit card or check, and also includes a 3-year subscription to MAR.
For more information on the Online Fiction Workshop, contact MAR Editor and workshop leader Michael Czyzniejewski ASAP at