I had the following conversation on SheWrites:

KH: For me it seems that when I am particularly bothered by {a rejection} I need to go back and re-examine my intentions for that specific project.

BME (Big, Mouthy, Me):

In the class (on rejection), I shared what Matt Briggs once told me: “No” means “no.” That is all it means. “No.” It wasn’t working for them.

Winner of the Western States Book Award

To Matt’s wisdom I would add: in a situation where money is part of the equation, “no” is “no” because they didn’t think they could sell it for enough money to make the work of selling it worth their time.

I don’t think helps to get your intentions all would up in whether or not an agent signs your manuscript. It is more helpful to find as many agents as you can who represent your type of book. That is the kind of intention that will get you a book deal.