Reader responses continue to trickle in. Here is my favorite:

“A superb essay! It reads as if you’ve done what a writing teacher years ago called ‘taking dictation from within.’ Happy to share dysfunction and Judaism and a love for writing essays with you.”  -Julie Simon Lakehomer.

Very pleased.

I hope you don't need to buy this book, but if you do, buy this book.

[Added 8/3/10 because I am a vain, silly pig and because I have so much respect for the author]:

“Congratulations on so very much—your resilience, your mamahood, your return to writing. and this story. I loved: “Same life, new life. The jump to catch the one that should have been knocked out of the park; what they should have given me, what I found instead,” and especially the ending, your son’s words. Wonderful! I can surely identify with the later-in-life return to Judaism, quite late, in my early 50s when I became a Bat Mitzvah.” -Linda Blachman, Another Morning: Voice of Truth and Hope From Mothers With Cancer.