Go the F**k to Sleep

I would just like to remind everyone that I was ahead of the curve.

Oh, you think you're soooo funny.

Anyway, GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP  (by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cortes) has taken the publishing world by the balls.

“The perfect little picture-book parody.”

“Total genius.”
Jonathan Lethem, father of two, author of Motherless Brooklyn.

“This is the most honest children’s book ever written. And it’s f*cking hilarious.”
A.J. Jacobs, father of three, author of The Year of Living Biblically.

Too bad they are not as original as me.


Author: allehall

I am a writer. I write to explore childhood: literary essays and short fiction, journalism, and three haiku. My published work expresses my belief that everything which did or did not happen to me as a child is manifesting in everything that is or is not happening to me today. More importantly, it is also manifesting for my children. I believe funny is the new navel-gazing, and that the best funny keeps a penny's worth of serious in an accessible pocket. Little-known fact: I have a completed novel decorating the inside of a desk drawer. Perhaps it is not funny enough.

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