I’ve been watching this battle for a while, wondering how B&N was going to respond to Amazon’s fearsome grab for industry power.

B&N has over 700 stores across the nation. That’s gotta hurt Amazon. However, Amazon publishes very few books that B&N would sell – that any bookstore would sell, really. Amazon’s publishing arm, CreateSpace, is largely comprised of self-published books. Bookstores do not stock self-published books (unless it is a local author or someone is sleeping with someone).

Speaking of  independent bookstores, you can bet your patootie that none of them are going to step into the retail void B&N leaves. Amazon has about killed independent book-selling.

What do you think, y’all? Will the prospect of no sales through B&N dissuade writers from using CreateSpace to publish. (For free, by the way; anyone can upload their book for free and – bingo – published author!)

Would you let go of the easy publish through Amazon in hopes of  being stocked at B&N?