Thanks for the great piece, A. R.

I just posted a comment Opinion Pages on an excellent piece by Andrew Rosenthal, Penn State Sanctions.

Since I want to be famous: it would be lovely if you could forward my response to the section in the article which points out: “Some will argue (have already argued) that innocent football players and other students should not be punished for the actions of others.”

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My comment:

The football players and the school at large are not fully innocent bystandards. “Pa Joe” allowed Sandusky to continue because the school’s football reputation was more important than the boys’ safety.

As for the students, remember their huge outcry the week this story broke? Denial, denial, denial;  based on their worship of these men and their pride in their school’s football reputation.

The players certainly benefitted. If these players are anything like players at other colleges and universities, they scored widely with women because of their football player status. Some of them raped in the name of “she wanted it.” A vast majority of their victims would choose not to report the rape due to their correct assumption that the accusation would be ignored or forced underground in the name of football.

If I played for Penn State, I’d transfer. If I went to Penn State, I’d transfer. Hit ’em where it hurts: their precious reputation.