Yum. Yam.

In a new segement we shall call (see above; not the part about lunch):  Yam ‘n Cheese.


  • One yam: as half as big as you are hungry
  • Slightly less cheese, very sharp.


  1. Nuke, bake, or steam yam until just soft all over. Poke to ascertain softness.
  2. Remove from heat, top with cheese, and cover.
  3. Let sit until cheese melts, or nuke it melty.
  4. Round off the meal with a cup of brisk, hot, black  tea. Sweeten it with vanilla soy milk to avoid using too much sweetener.

The sharp cheese offsets the sometimes-too-sweet yam. Bracing tea will fire you up for the afternoon of children, writing, or both (if you are lucky).