The inimitable Ms. Brown writes:

Howdy all – I am looking forward to talking with the wonderful Michelle Marsh Dunn at the Photo Center Northwest in the next few months in a series of public conversations about photography, images, words, art, et al. They are free and open to all – please come and participate!

Photo Center Northwest on 12th Ave in Seattle across from Seattle U Campus.

The Conversations open dialogues on subjects of interest; these are not formal presentations but group explorations. Please join us with questions, thoughts, and ideas to share.

All sessions are FREE. First on next Thursday, Jan 28, 6:30. Complete schedule below. Be there!

Picturing / Words          Tuesday January 28, 6:30pm

Appearance / Belief       Tuesday February 25, 6:30pm

Everyday / Art                Tuesday March 25, 6:30pm

Looking / Seeing            Tuesday April 22, 6:30pm