Read previous winner: http://wp.me/psSjA-rJ
Read previous winner: http://wp.me/psSjA-rJ

Cash prize: $17.*

  • Not so generous, say you? Consider your rate per word.
  • Particularly in comparison to your entrance fee. (Zero. Zip. Nada.)

*The number of syllables in a haiku.



  1. The winner will receive $17. Don’t spend it all in once place—as if you could.
  2. Five to seven additional haiku will be selected—2nd Place, 3rd Place, and up to five honorable mentions.
  3. The winning and haiku and author will be feted on About Childhood: Answers for Writers, Parents, and Former Children, as well as on the Facebook page of the once and gentle Alle C. Hall.
  4. Runners up and honorable mentions will be honorably mentioned and … run up. Also on About Childhood and Facebook.
  5. About Childhood will alert all media, up to and including The New Yorker. Why not? We take comic haiku seriously around here.  

Who can enter:

Anyone other than Officers, Associates and Board Members of About Childhood and her immediate family. I wouldn’t want you the think I play favorites.


The Judge


Send your hilarious haiku to theonlyallehall@gmail.com.
By March 17th, 2014. Or you’re busted.