Dear God. Why could I not have written this? You are dead to me. Heart, Alle.
My God, you give this gem to another? You are dead to me. Heart, Alle.
  1. The best funny includes a sense of humor.*
  2. Funny can be Stephen Colbert; funny can be Breaking Bad. Haiku-funny is evocative, not vulgar. Funny can be the guy who stays up all night sharing posts from The Onion. Funny can be that episode from the first season of the new Battlestar, where they mock themselves—which obviously went over like one of the bombs that decimated Earth, because the meme never resurfaced as if it were a Cylon in the Goo-bath. Do I sound as if I am at a convention?
  3. Funny can be you.
  4. Look at what I want in haiku. Look at the previous winning haiku. Kerri Buckley walked the line between hilarious and something else, something of meaning.

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*The phrase “sense of humor” was coined by my funny-writing teacher, Brangien Davis, currently the Arts & Culture Editor at Seattle Magazine; also the founder of Swivel Magazine, a labor of love devoted to smart, funny writing by women.