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Haiku Contest: Grand Prize, 2nd & 3rd Places

GRAND PRIZE – Neil Ruddy


Norman Bates washes

away all traces of the

women in his life



2ND PLACE – Allen McNealy


I had this dream where

I sneezed and a fire broke

out in my navel.



3RD PLACE – Elizabeth Catalano


Longtime fantasy

Reenactment realized

Gary was Flashdance!


*    *    *

Thank you to all who entered. You made my work fabulously arduous.

Over the next few posts, we will better get to know our winners.

Tomorrow, check back to read the winning Honorable Mentions, and the winners in the “New to Writing Haiku” category. Haiku on!





By Alle C Hall, writer!

Alle C. Hall’s flash fiction placed as a finalist for The 2020 Lascaux Prize. Longer work appears most recently in Dale Peck’s Evergreen Review; as well as in Tupelo Quarterly, Creative Nonfiction Magazine, Brevity (blog), and Another Chicago Magazine. Formerly an associate editor at Vestal Review, Alle's additional “wins” include: Best Small Fictions Nominee, Best of the Net nominee; First Place in The Richard Hugo House New Works Competition; and finalist or semi-finalist in the contests of: Boulevard Magazine, Creative Nonfiction Magazine, Hippocampus, and Memoir Magazine.

Claim to fame: interviewed Leonard Nimoy. He was a bit of a pill; disappointing.

• Twitter: @allechall1
• Facebook: Alle C. Hall
• Alle blogs at About Childhood: Answers for Writers, Parents, and Former Children. (

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