I Shit Thee Not: Jessie from "Breaking Bad" plays Joshua. Rem

I was truly looking forward to Ridley Scott’s Exodus, starring Christian (erm) Bale as Moses. Boo-de-hoo, multiple reviews say the film is is a pile of tripe. My favorite review features the humor and pin-point derision of A.O Scott’s in The New York Times, rife with cleavers such as:

Moses discovers his Jewish roots, which means that he stops shaving, starts herding goats and, unless my ears deceive me, takes to peppering his speech with stagy old-man Yiddish inflections.

Before doing this Jewish review, A. O. Scott does his homework on Jewish culture. Or he has a lot of Jewish friends. Or lives in Manhattan. Or A.O Scott is a Jew. Who knew.

Read his review. I bet it’s better than the movie.