Does it know it's real name is "Virtual Hannukiya?"
Does it know it’s real name is “Virtual Hannukiya?”

It is now possible to have a Virtual Menorah in the mode of the virtual Yule Log. Begging the questions:

  • Does the Virtual Menorah add an electronic candle each night? Can you select candle colors? Or choose those fancy, already-drippy-ones from Tzfat?
  • Does the Virtual Menorah add from the right or left side? Does it light from right to left, or the reverse? (Will the Virtual Menorah text me the answers? Too many rabbis have different opinions.)
  • Does it hum “Sivivan, sov sov sov” in the background?
  • Can the Virtual Menorah document an instance where Jews  all danced the hora at a Hannukah party that was not at their synagogue?
  • Can the Virtual Menorah remember to pack the Virtual Dreidels and Virtual Gift Exchange Item? Because I am cooking the Real-Time Pot-Luck Dish for the fifth night in a row.

For these answers and more, have a very Happy Hannukah.