goldTwo nuggets of joy. Firstly, today, I was accepted to THE ART OF THE STORY – A FOUR-DAY INTENSIVE WORK SHOP with TOM JENKS.

Jenks is the editor at Narrative Magazine. Narrative is a tough nut to crack. I’ve gotten as far as, “Dear writer: No.” Imagine my joy last week, to receive, “Dear Alle: Maybe!”

“What in the Sam Hill … ?” My second thought being, “I bet Tom Jenks, editor of Narrative Magazine, whose career goes back to working with Raymond Carver, got only six applications. That’s why I got at least a maybe.”

(I’m human. I had to ask. It’s several hundred for 12 spots.)

The next step to Acceptanceville was a phone interview. I won.

Again, there are two, two! happy treats to share on the publishing front. I will save the second for a second post. I have been stressed for a week over my Maybe, and assuaging my stress with cake. I want to cakeenjoy as many pieces as is appropriate of this, the real cake.