More on upcoming March publications

fetus in uteroI have a tendency toward the (I’m gonna go with) charmingly distracted Thus did I mistakenly announce that the two publications upcoming in The Eunoia Review were “Are You There, Avatar, It’s Me, The 70s,” and “The Brass Ring.”

Heartfelt, yet inaccurate. “It’s Are You There, Avatar … “and “Girl Feelings.” Strict blooper on my part.

Girl Feelings talks about the importance of naming babies, even if they don’t make it to being babies; about how, “friends remind me that in Buddhist philosophy, a woman doesn’t lose a baby. The baby chooses different parents. I want to cave their hippy skulls in. Why didn’t the baby think I’d be a good mom?”

Girl Feelings originally published in 2010, in the magazine Literary Mama. It will re-publish toward the end of March in The Eunoia Review.


Author: allehall

I am a writer. I write to explore childhood: literary essays and short fiction, journalism, and three haiku. My published work expresses my belief that everything which did or did not happen to me as a child is manifesting in everything that is or is not happening to me today. More importantly, it is also manifesting for my children. I believe funny is the new navel-gazing, and that the best funny keeps a penny's worth of serious in an accessible pocket. Little-known fact: I have a completed novel decorating the inside of a desk drawer. Perhaps it is not funny enough.

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