Review: The Traders by Scott Shibuya Brown (reviewed by Jen Michalski)

My new boss, Jen Michalskiof the famed JMWW, just posted this VIP (Very Informative Perspective) of a great-sounding book. The book purports to have all the elements I love in capers: Asia and crime.


The Traders

By Scott Shibuya Brown

165 Pages

Black Lawrence Press, 2017


ISBN: 978-1625579805

“When you spend so many years growing into a thing there is no place else for you in the life.” Such is the lot of 58-year-old Cecil Po, a used bookseller in the fictitious Southeast Asian country of Tandomon. It’s 1974, and Po has done just enough business at Gecko 88, his bookstall in the marketplace, for the past 19 years to get by (mostly by selling college preparatory books to school boys at the neighboring Ansleigh Secondary for Boys). His modest success in business at least eclipses his love life, which is hilariously detailed early in the book when Po recounts to the reader his flop of a debut (involving an expensive box of Fox’s butter toffees and a white suit with extra double pleats) at the (bi-bi-annual?) Leap Year day dance, a sort of…

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