Latest essay a big hit! Subtitle: Readers respond.

Lovely responses to The Buddhism of Baseball, mostly from readers I don’t even know.  In order of appearance:

  • “You had me laughing, admiring your writing, and then getting all teared up. Sheesh, girl, you have some catastrophic writing skeels! OMG I wanna be you when I grow up. Even though I am unsubscribing from like every email I get, I signed right up, quick as a bunny, to receive your crisp and lively missives.”  Julie Genovese, Nothing Short of Joy.
  • “Nice essay. I’m still defragging. I must be running on motherfucking Windows.” Dave Gilbert.
  • “A great swirl of themes in a compact package. Fantastic.” Susan Barrett PricePassion and Peril on the Silk Road.
  • “Dear Alle: I gasped and choked at your last words. Wow. I do love your essay. Your thinking. Your persistence. Your survival. As I am yet another person wound up in the web of your ability to love, I am thankful.” Chris.

Requests for the winning essay (Richard Hugo House New Works Competition)

(I’m talking to you, SheWriters)

I have to apologize that My 70s Avatar is not posted on this blog. The Big Winner is under consideration at a lit mag that does not accept previously published work. Believe you me, I will let you know when it publishes. The easiest way to find out, however, is to subscribe to this blog.

See ya in the funnny papers.

Is it official: Alle is a “hip and cool parent.” (Dave Ross said so.)

Dave and some blonde.

Attention all KIRO 9-noon fans (That would be The Dave Ross Show; “spreading drive-by wisdom to the masses”): I listen to Dave most mornings; big fan. He is smart, funny and so genuine, and he dislikes a certain idiot politician as much as I do.

This morning, he read us a clip about a school motivation program that ran in four cities, and asked us to guess why it worked only in one (Dallas). The answer was simpler than anybody but a Montessori teacher would guess. I called in a got it WRONG. Nevertheless, Dave engaged me about my blog, and from there, my writing. (He asked if I was I was a parenting expert. Tee hee!)

Winner of 1st Annual Fish Head Haiku-Off

With great thanks and enthusiasm for our many entries (you guys are funny!), please applaud the winning entry by Kerri Buckley:

People jump to—from

Underworlds, Heavens, watched by

Open mouth, glass eye

Kerri Buckley won First Place for Poetry in the 2009 Inland Empire California Writer’s Club’s (IECWC) Annual Poetry Contest. In 2010, she has poems in two anthologies: The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems (Red Hen Press), and Chopin and Cherries—which sounds better than frozen fish head on concrete, hold the garnish.

(PS. Anyone up for making this an annual contest?)

More Notes from the “My Avatar” Reading

SCENE:  Interior of Town Hall. High, white walls with arching, stained glass roof. Very cool. In the front pews, the writers and techies mingle for dress rehearsal.

Me: Jenny, what are you wearing tonight?

Jenny. Very straight. Nice black pants and a white blouse. Matching black jacket.  Although I did bring a gold-painted velvet coat that I bought in Venice.

Me: Wear the coat. Then I can wear my apricot-velvet pirate captain coat.

Jenny: I’d be the most overdressed woman in Washington State.

Me: I’ll be wearing an apricot-velvet pirate captain coat. (Turns to Vikram Chandra.) How ’bout you, Vikram? Jacket and tie?

Vikram: I don’t own a tie. I’m ethnic. People don’t expect a tie.

Hot Off The Press: Alle Interviewed on “Too Fond of Books”

Get Yer Red-Hot: Part II of a multi-faceted interview with yours truly posted this morning on Too Fond of Books, the book-lover’s blog run by the inimitable MC. (Not Hammer, although that might be fun, too.)

Part II  concerns itself with what I shall grandly call My Life as a Writer.

Part I focuses more specifically on my work, with illuminating questions about my winning essay, My 70s Avatar (which has not yet published; my fault, not Hugo House’s).

Thanks to MC!

Alle Interviewed: The Glam continues

It is 3pm.

As I dust off my smashing ensemble, warm up my voice, wonder why I never have pantyhose when I need them, and run through my reading one last time, I peer at my brand-new blog (non-obsessively, I assure you) to discover the first of a two-part interview with me on Too Fond Of Books.

A “Spotlight Interview.” Oooooh!

2FOB is an cataloguing of some largess, smart opinion about things read and stuff thought. Give it a gander.

I hope to see some of you tonight at Town hall (7:30PM). Wish me luck.