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Crazy Medicine – First Draft Finished!

Quite literally, I just finished typing the last words of my new novel, Crazy Medicine. It is slightly under 67,000 words.

Lena traveling, before becoming a dealer
Dealer-Lena in Cambodia

Read here the opening chapter published as a short story.

Set in India, Charleston, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Nias Island (Indonesia), this brawling monster offers quite the trip.

Here are some images of my main character, Lena, that have inspired me over the last 3-1/2 months.

Lena, finally free. (Photo credit: Morgan Maassen)

On a similar but separate note: my image of Sri, the girl whose tragedy kicks off Lena’s story:

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My Hangover Killed Lou Reed.

Gotcha with the title, didn’t I? This is not my work, but a piece I edited for jmww journal. (Title in lower-case, indicating depth and literary quality.) It’s by Richard Prins. My Hangover … is Prins’s second piece for me. Come back for his debauched rumble, Already Yesterday.

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Nothing but yellow.

pittsburg rally
Hilary Swift for The New York Times.

There is a nice story—not true—that holds when Hitler decreed all Sweden’s Jews wear yellow stars, their King replied, “If our Jews wear yellow stars, we all wear yellow stars.” Again, nice story; not true.

What would be different if all of Europe had worn yellow? Nothing but yellow.

This is a photo from one rally protesting the visit by Trump this morning to Pittsburg.

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A new publication every other month–almost.

Dear everyone,

Time for ALOG (Another Letter of Gratitude):

toot hornIn tooting my horn as part of applying for two grants, I realized that since November of 2017, I have had a new literary publication almost ever other month. This schedule continues through September of 2018, what with the upcoming publication of the flash fiction “The Summers of Carefully” in Right Hand Pointing; plus an acceptance I COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention:

The short-short published last November in Crack the Spine. That whacky flash, Dressed Left, was selected by the editors for their upcoming “Best Of” anthology. That’s in a book, Ladies and Gentlemen. A book.

When “Dressed Left” published, I asked for your letters to the editor. Many of you complied. Editors love letters to the editor. I believe that those letters helped with the selection of “Dressed Left.” Many, many thanks.

Here’s a video I made for Dressed Left.

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Shawn McClure’s piece featured on WordPress Reader.

morechicksI wasn’t the only one who thought that JMWW Journal writer Shawn McClure did an amazing job with Sorrow for the Wings. This CNF short-short was a featured post on WordPress Reader.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Shawn’s graceful work, please take a moment to do so.