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Too much of what is passed off as haiku today is anything but haiku, nor is it related to hokku, the genre Matsuo Bashō pioneered. Few take the time to study haiku or hokku.
Haiku has no universally agreed upon definition. Undefined, it cannot be academically classified as a genre. Haiku is not a Japanese poetic form. It is a Western invent given to the world by Shiki, who subscribed to the German University based mindset adopted by Japan during the Meiji era.

The following are links to six essays and a postscript dealing with Haiku and Haiku Aesthetics penned by Robert D. Wilson. They are influencing how the literary world views the genre. Combined, they form a textbook over 500 pages in length,

I challenge each of you to read these essays:

The Importance of Ma

Reinventing The Wheel

To Kigo Or Not To Kigo

Is Haiku Dying?

The Colonization of Japanese Haiku

Postscript: What Is and Isn’t Haiku

Haiku is Dead

Mr. Wilson! We of Lazy Nation thank you for your research. You saved me from having to do so myself.

May I re-post yours as a guest post here on About Childhood, as well as on my Facebook page? Fully credited, of course. Not like you need the credit – for the sake of literary integrity.

Between About Childhood, my Facebook page, and my personal list, I can give you appx 1,000 sets of eyeballs. That’s what I got.

Thank you again for your work,


Hi, Alle,
What a great topic you posted on She Writes.
To date, I have published four books. My publishers are, in order, Houghton Mifflin, Simon & Schuster, Bloomsbury, my sister and Grand Central. See the “my sister” one in there?
Despite beginning my career at The New York Times, being a commentator on All Things Considered, and having a large platform as a blogger and a radio talent on 7-days-per-week on Sirius Satellite Radio, and being well-published for my first three non-fiction books, when it came to my fourth, I chose to self-publish first. Only after selling all the copies did I take it to my agent, who then took it to auction.
I think I have something to share. I’d be delighted to share with you.
I’ll be guest editing She Writes this week.
I hope we get to know one another.
Marion Roach Smith

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