Haiku Contest

фотографияNOTE: The Haiku Contest is on indefinite hiatus. Sorry, guys.



The Grand Prize Winnder of About Childhood’s 2014
Nowhere-Near-Annual Frozen Fish Head Comic Haiku Contest is Neil Ruddy.

Norman Bates washes

away all traces of the

women in his life

Read all 2014 Winners and Honorable Mentions

Read the 2010 Winner

  • General information regarding the 2016 is now available.
  • The photo prompt will be posted on or after May of 2016.

The Rules

Submission Fee

Awards & Prizes

The Judge: Me.


12 thoughts on “Haiku Contest”

    1. Sorry to take so long to reply. I am not being alerted when I receive a comment. Boo. Let’s see, I think the deadline will be in Sept. But the photo prompt will not be the fish head. In mid-July or Aug, I will release the new photo.

  1. Delighted to have discovered this blog and you, Alle.

    I beg to differ: there are stupid questions, once you’ve aged beyond 10 years, give or take. Okay, give ’em until 16 if you must, but after that, either you ask good questions or you get called out for stupidity. Really folks, read and comprehend what you are reading, that’s all it takes. (Caption below the photo presented immediately under the words Haiku Contest: “Write a haiku about this.” How more clear might that be?)

    One more thing: “Sarcasm” is not an accurate word for your humor (my comment above may qualify, however). No need to pull back (as if you would, right?). There is nothing contemptuous, mean-spirited, or even mocking in your tone. Sassy? Okay. “Cheeky,” “waggish,” “teasing” and even, “wisecracking” come to mind. Bottom line: funny. Well done. (“Droll,” too; just thought of that.)

    This contest reminds me, loosely, of The New Yorker’s “Add the Caption” — their weekly cartoon contest. Mine have never been chosen. Not droll enough, apparently. I’ll see what I can come up with for your contest, but right now I’m feeling rather dry. Unlike the guy in the photo. Hmmmmm….

    1. Goodness gracious, PC, you are my Walter Raleigh. I am delighted right back at you for your clear appreciation of my work. I suppose that as a writing teacher, “no stupid questions” is part of the job.

      And, oh, boy, do I like being compared in any way to The New Yorker.

    2. Continuing, Re: Sassy? “Cheeky,” “waggish,” “teasing” and even, “wisecracking” come to mind. Bottom line: funny. Well done. (“Droll,” too; just thought of that.)

      Precisely the words I was shuffling around yesterday, working on a piece about bringing humor to the often sentimental, even self-pitying halls of Creative Non-fiction. Will post this weekend or shortly thereafter on http://brevity.wordpress.com.

      Stay tuned. -AC

    1. I hope you choose to enter. If all you get out of it is to play with funny haiku for a couple hours, more power to you. That’s the secret reason I’m running it – evil, poet creature that I am. Also, to “meet” more writers on-line.

      By the way – “sarcasm?” I was thinking sassy. Maybe I should scale back …

  2. Maybe I’m suffering from more than my usual density today, but is the prompt the guy spraying the shower nozzle down his shirt? And is that to be the prompt we write to or is the prompt “About Childhood”? Thanks for your patience and, undoubtedly, snarky response.

  3. can’t wait! listen, are we supposed to write the haiku based on that photo above or about whatever we want? it says “prompt” up there but then you never mention it again. sorry if i am being think but i am thick. and a bit sick – flu.

    1. “There are no stupid questions.” Only unclear directions.

      Yes. Write to the prompt.

      Rather: write to whatever you want, but please submit the haiku that speaks in some way to the prompt.

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