The Rules


Frozen Fish Head Comic Haiku Contest – none this year; sorry.


  • Submit original work. No cheating, you bastards.
  • Entrants will write to a photograph prompt.
  • The photograph will be post on or later than April of 2016.
  • Each poet may enter only once.
  • See below, To Submit.
  • If you demonstrate that you forwarded or re-posted the call, you may submit a second entry.
  • Each entry may consist of up to three haiku. Make ‘em funny.
  • If you have a series that is slightly longer than three haiku but is not The Iliad, send it along.
  • In such an instance: do your best to strong-arm one other person to subscribe as described above. To subscribe them is good for your parking Karma.
  • All submission must be in English or Esperanto. I don’t understand Esperanto. You increase your chances of winning if you submit an English-language haiku.
  • See below, To Submit.
  • Too much swearing is fucking gross.
  • Sexual innuendo should be managed with a light hand.
  • Previously published work is welcome.
  • As are multiple submissions. Just the usual stuff about being polite if you win something more lucrative or luminous than About Childhood’s Nowhere-Near-Annual Frozen Fish Head Comic Haiku Contest. (Should there be such a thing)
  • Be as anonymous as possible, given that one submits by e-mail.

To Submit

  • All entrants are begged to:
    • subscribe to the excellent blog About Childhood: Answers for Writers, Parents, and Former Children, or
    • follow Alle C. Hall on Facebook.
    • Current subscribers to and Facebook followers are exempt.
  • You can bet I’ll check if you’re a subscriber or Facebook follower. Most journals check; who are we kidding?

To see 2014 Winners and Honorable Mentions

To see the 2010 Winner

Who can enter:

Anyone other than Officers, Associates and Board Members of About Childhood and her immediate family. I wouldn’t want you the think I play favorites.


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