“Alle is a natural teacher with a gift for setting up structures that help students learn.”

—Waverly Fitzgerald, Writer-in-Residence, Richard Hugo House.

“When Alle spoke to my nonfiction writing class at the University of Washington, she was at once inspiring, funny, and concrete.

She arrived highly prepared and provided a map of publications, what type of material they publish, and how a writer approaches them most effectively. She had designed her presentation to draw forth student participation and used specific examples drawn from students’ experiences and needs. Her presentation was extremely valuable.”

—Carolyn McConnell, formerly Senior Editor, YES! Magazine.

Comments from students:

  • “My pitch was exploded, re-assembled, and profoundly changed.”
  • “I learned a great deal about how agent meetings at conferences work.”
  • “The best part was seeing how dramatically one student’s pitch changed when given feedback from Alle.”
  • “I learned the basics of developing a pitch, what to do, what not to do, definitions of genres, differences between non-fiction and fiction pitches.”

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