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My short fiction piece, “Picking the Bones” will publish with The Citron Review early in 2017.      The Citron Review is considered among The Best of the Best flash fiction magazines. “Picking the Bones” comes in at a trim 511... Continue Reading →


Great three weeks on the writing front. Including Farrah.

Five good rejections - boom, boom (one week pause) boom, boom (a few days' break, during which there was a ... ) and boom; all reading: Dear Alle/some iteration of "Not for us right now, but please submit something else." Then... Continue Reading →

I read a Beautiful Thing

"All Our Travels" by Paul Crenshaw, published by River Teeth Journal's blog "Beautiful Things." In reading, notice how the writer could have started the story with, "My dog died and so I ..." or "When our relationship ended, I had to..." Instead, the... Continue Reading →

With love, Alle

Over the past few days, several of you gave me feedback on The Brass Ring. It is not so much the volume of the feedback that lifts me. (Although, yeah, that was great. I'm no saint.) It was each and... Continue Reading →

A Second New Publication! “Girl Feelings” on Eunoia Review

Girl Feelings is the sequel to The Brass Ring.** I thought she was a girl. Clear girl feelings. I didn’t tell Cliff because Cliff didn’t even want to let many friends know we were “trying.” I had begrudgingly accommodated his caution,... Continue Reading →

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