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It’s posted: the first piece I edited for JMWW journal.

With many thanks to the talented and hard-working writer, Jeniffer Fliss. But It Is Dark.


Another acceptance: Alle’s roll continues!

With a big helping of gratitude, I share the announcement of another acceptance: a fiction short-short. 305 words. If you recall, on January 15th, I posted that one of my favorite lit-mags, Treehouse, had returned to publishing after a multi-year hiatus.... Continue Reading →

Movie! Movie!

I made the cut.  

Movie! Movie! Semi-finalist?

Congratulations! You are officially a quarter-finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest! The announcement of the semi-finalists was supposed to be today. Yesterday, quarter-finalists received an e-mail saying the announcement would be delayed until February 19th. According to the e-mail,... Continue Reading →

Five agents want my manuscript

Ha! Not mine! (But I sure know how to catch an eyeball, don't I?) Here's a great question from Facebook page for writers. See if you can guess my answer. Question:. Four agents have my book proposal. A fifth agent... Continue Reading →

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