A new publication every other month–almost.

Dear everyone,

Time for ALOG (Another Letter of Gratitude):

toot hornIn tooting my horn as part of applying for two grants, I realized that since November of 2017, I have had a new literary publication almost ever other month. This schedule continues through September of 2018, what with the upcoming publication of the flash fiction “The Summers of Carefully” in Right Hand Pointing; plus an acceptance I COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention:

The short-short published last November in Crack the Spine. That whacky flash, Dressed Left, was selected by the editors for their upcoming “Best Of” anthology. That’s in a book, Ladies and Gentlemen. A book.

When “Dressed Left” published, I asked for your letters to the editor. Many of you complied. Editors love letters to the editor. I believe that those letters helped with the selection of “Dressed Left.” Many, many thanks.

Here’s a video I made for Dressed Left.


Comments on “Let Me Feel For You.”

Surat1The first comment is for you: send your own comment to the editors of Tupelo Quarterly.


Tell them your thoughts about Let Me Feel For You. (Unless you haven’t read it. If such is the case, go read it. Then send a comment to the editor.)

The second comment: Let Me Feel For You is the deepest step I’ve taken into writing fiction. It was not difficult for me to create the world, given my travel background and my childhood. It wasn’t hard to live as Carlie in that world as I wrote. That was fun! Her voice wasn’t a challenge to find, but the manner in which the voice reveals itself; how to convey the scattered thoughts, the time lapses, all while keeping the world established and moving the story forward.  All that took an enjoyable millennium to forge

Let Me Feel For You 
started life as the chapter in a novel that has yet to be published. I can’t remember when I decided to break out some chapters into short stories. I started working with Chapter 7, also titled Let Me Feel For You, maybe five years ago, probably longer. I started submitting it three years ago; had to take a break from submitting for major revision, during which I found the narrative style. I sent out the short story slightly more than 50 times before Editor Kristina Marie Darling of Tupelo Quarterly took it.

flkr daiji 4427349273_01627da72f_mLet Me Feel For You 
is the third piece I submitted to Tupelo Quarterly. In the fall of 2017, I sent Tupelo a (still-unpublished) short story, “That Moment in Lao.” In the fall of 2016, I sent a piece of creative nonfiction, “Round Down.”  Both submissions received Dear Writer: NO. “Round Down” went on to be published by jmww journal, where I now work as the senior nonfiction editor.

Huzzah for Another Acceptance: Fiction

Lifeguard Chair
The Summers of Carefully

Man, when it rains around here …

Although this newly accepted short-short is about the beach**.

Actually, it is about healthy lust.

Actually, it is about female sexual autonomy. And imagined sexual normalcy. And, oh, the way lifeguards smell.

The Summers of Carefully: July or August in Right Hand Pointing, one of those small, electronic publications I discussed in my previous post–the sort of  journal that could reach millions of readers if I promote correctly.

**Actually, this newly accepted short short is also about the beach.

YTD Acceptances, and Rejections: 4 Literary Publications This Year

tally marksWhat a headline!

I have not yet mentioned that two weeks ago, my short story Let Me Feel For You was accepted by Tupelo Quarterly. Huzzah!

Let Me Feel For You is slated to publish on June 15th. The story is adapted from a chapter of the novel I wrote in the 90s that never got published. I’ve submitted the short story to more than 50 places.

Since the acceptance, I prance around with bubbles popping in my heart. The story the novel tells is so important to me. That even a bit of it is seeing the light of day fills me with wonder and faith.

The acceptance of Let Me Feel For You marks what I hope will be a sea change in my publishing. Perhaps I am moving toward acceptance (look at that word, Alle C. Hall) by those old-school, stamp-of-authority magazines.

Last year, I had a great deal of success with shorter pieces in the new, on-line magazine scene. Really good on-line magazines; but I am old-school. Electronic publication has never matched the thrill I felt sitting on the train with my first published article rubbing its newsprint onto my hands.

I don’t completely understand the disconnect. An electronic publication can reach millions more people than a print publication is able to. Actually, the best-case scenario is the journal that has both. Tupelo is one of those. Once a year, they put out a Best Of print issue, culled from their on-line publications. Perhaps that will be me.

Those bubbles can wait. Let’s pop this cork, first.

Shawn McClure’s piece featured on WordPress Reader.

morechicksI wasn’t the only one who thought that JMWW Journal writer Shawn McClure did an amazing job with Sorrow for the Wings. This CNF short-short was a featured post on WordPress Reader.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Shawn’s graceful work, please take a moment to do so.