Find here the charming, disturbing, and always scintillating work of my heart. Fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism. The offerings rotate. Come back soon!

Picking the Bones: Flash fiction. Welcome to the darker corners of my mind. In The Citron Review. (Be impressed.)

Are You There, Avater? It’s Me, The 70s: a much deeper essay than you would think, given that it stars Farrah Fawcert. In Word Riot. (Be very impressed.)

Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned: a dark short story with a slice of humor in This Great Society.

The Buddhism of Baseball: an unlikely essay in Stymie.

The Brass Ring: an essay exploring a tenuous balance. In The Eunoia Review (and no, I cannot pronounce that … )

Girl Feelings:  a bit of a diptych, with the above. Also in The Eunoia Review.



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