Read Alle Online

Find here the charming, disturbing, and always scintillating work of my heart.

Four chapters of my novel, as short stories:  I Wanted Ten, followed by Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned, and finishing with Let Me Feel For You in Tupelo Quarterly, and The Great Ultimate in Dale Peck’s Evergreen Review.

That Moment in Lao is the short story version of the first chapter of my novel-in-progress, the novel I recently went to Asia to research. You can read it, or at the same page referred to, listen to the reading by Liars’ League NYC.

A Distressing State of Purity: Flash fiction with sass. Set in Israel, and in a conflicted heart. On Literary Orphans. Sexy graphic chosen by the magazine. (I’m a little embarrassed by the bare ass.)

Crashing: prescient flash fiction, one of the first pieces published by the back-in-business Treehouse.

Round Down: bitingly honest creative nonfiction in the artful literary journal jmww. I made a video trailer.

Dressed Left: flash fiction featuring full-on Hall humor. In Crack the Spine. Whadaya know, there is a video trailer for this piece, as well.

Picking the Bones: A dark piece of flash fiction with a slice of humor. In The Citron Review.

The Brass Ring: an essay exploring a tenuous balance. In The Eunoia Review (and no, I cannot pronounce that … ) Guess what? A video!

Girl Feelings: emotionally tangled creative nonfiction. From Literary Mama, 2008, proving that I have been at this a long time.

If you have a comment about or would like to discuss what you have read, e-mail me I would love to hear from you.