Read Alle Online

Find here the charming, disturbing, and always scintillating work of my heart.

Let Me Feel For You: not charming fiction; the other two adjectives apply. A follow-up to the short story listed below: Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned. In Tupelo Quarterly.

Crashing: prescient flash fiction, one of the first pieces published by the back-in-business Treehouse.

Round Down: bitingly honest creative nonfiction in the artful literary journal jmww. I made a video trailer.

Dressed Left: flash fiction featuring full-on Hall humor. In Crack the Spine. Whadaya know, there is a video trailer for this piece, as well.

Picking the Bones: A dark piece of flash fiction with a slice of humor. In The Citron Review.

Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned: Short story. Welcome to the darker corners of my mind. In This Great Society.

The Brass Ring: an essay exploring a tenuous balance. In The Eunoia Review (and no, I cannot pronounce that … ) Guess what? A video!

Girl Feelings: emotionally tangled creative nonfiction. From Literary Mama, 2008, proving that I have been at this a long time.

If you have a comment about or would like to discuss what you have read, e-mail me I would love to hear from you.