“The Best of Crack the Spine” includes me.

Crack Spine

At long last! The Best of  Crack the Spine is now available!

The anthology includes my sassy flash fiction, “Dressed Left.”

It is my first inclusion in a Best Of, and it is a printed thing; an honest-to-goodness book. Goodness gracious.





A new publication every other month–almost.

Dear everyone,

Time for ALOG (Another Letter of Gratitude):

toot hornIn tooting my horn as part of applying for two grants, I realized that since November of 2017, I have had a new literary publication almost ever other month. This schedule continues through September of 2018, what with the upcoming publication of the flash fiction “The Summers of Carefully” in Right Hand Pointing; plus an acceptance I COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention:

The short-short published last November in Crack the Spine. That whacky flash, Dressed Left, was selected by the editors for their upcoming “Best Of” anthology. That’s in a book, Ladies and Gentlemen. A book.

When “Dressed Left” published, I asked for your letters to the editor. Many of you complied. Editors love letters to the editor. I believe that those letters helped with the selection of “Dressed Left.” Many, many thanks.

Here’s a video I made for Dressed Left.

How I Got That Story: Dressed Left

The recently published Dressed Left was rejected 24 times before hitting the target with the 25th submission to Crack the Spine.

Not to brag (too much), but Crack the Spine is among the top ten magazines for short fiction.Crack the Spi Cover

Dressed Left is the second story in the issue. If you click to my piece, you can with ease read the rest of the magazine.


You alone can help Alle’s career. Yes, you.

You can leave a small comment on my recent fiction publication.
Crack the Spi Cover
Commenting is a bit of an undertaking. But you love me.
Scroll down a bit. You will see the place for comments.
From the editor – personalized for ME
  • Don’t forget that Alle’s work is now eligible for inclusion in one of our print publications, and we may take feedback left on our website or social media outlets into consideration when reviewing her work for print publication in the future.
  • Also, we will be selecting ONLY ONE author from this issue to be featured in our “Wordsmith” interview series, based on readers’ feedback as well as editorial preference. Possibly Alle?
If you have not yet read Dressed Left, may I present,
weighing in at 223 words: