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2016: Year of Feet


2016 is THE YEAR OF FEET.feet beach

On a physical level. On a writing level, it is … The Year of Sweat, you’re beautiful, ladies.

Please do not mistake 2016 to be my year of sweaty feet – though the metaphors do inform each other. Bringing this ’round to neutrality.

What defines neutral? Observe the differences between those feet, up top. Floppy, flat, sloping, elegant. Toes: splayed, or bird claw. How would the difference affect your walk?

feet for lifeCheck out this left-ward logded variety of feet. Which pair looks the most neutral? The neutrality to move in any direction at any time, with equal ease.

Apply that to your writing, beautiful ladies.

About Parenting Writing Prompts

Hope is the reason we have children.

I had the phrase in mind as I put together my submission to the SheWrites Passion Project. The phrase is not in my submission. I submitted the concept of hope being the reason; the only element of sanity, really, if you examine the facts of family from a cost/benefit perspective. We hope to create something better than our experience. Perhaps because a parent’s wants and needs by definition must fall second to keeping a child alive and thriving, often unsaid is the idea that in the attempt to create something better, we experience the joy of the attempt.

These thought arrived this AM, during a Feldenkrais session. I was working with my upper back and felt a long-in-coming truth about a connection between the belly muscles, upper back, and shoulder.

I didn’t think, “Back, shoulder, belly.” I thought, “Most truth comes quietly.”