First work on JMWW for 2020

JMWW Journal starts 2020 with a lovely nonfiction flash by Alice Lowe. I allegedly edited, but Alice made my job really easy. Congrats, Alice!

Alle interviewed on the podcast "Lit Mag Love."

Lit Mag Love’s subtitle is:”For Creative Writers Who Want to Publish.” I was interviewed about my editorial work with Vestal Review and JMWW.

A+ Editor/D- Sleeper.

editingFor the last 24 hours, I have been an A+ editor (but a crappy sleeper). Last night, I tore through my pile o’ reads for Vestal Review. Today, I polished off my stack for JMWW Journal. This weekend, I actually get to edit some stuff for JMWW, rather than simply assess. Juicy, long-awaited editing, here I come!

Richard Prins rocks the Sub-Sahara with “Already Yesterday” on jmww journal.

My latest editorial undertaking, starring author Richard Prins (pictured below with two fellows who show up in his charming and honest nonfiction, Already Yesterday.)