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Best-selling author gives thumbs’-up to Alle’s “Madonna” review

Really fun to read!

So writes Laura Fraser, whose latest travel memoir, All Over the Map, is the sequel to her 2001 New York Times bestseller, An Italian Affair.

Thanks, Laura!

(I interviewed Laura for How I Got That Story.)

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Real-life quotes about Who’s That Girl, and for no particular reason, my interview with Leonard Nimoy.

Who is that girl?

From Makes Own Kombucha, Age 49:

“Madonna? You mean, the singer Madonna?”

From Just Married!, age 25:

“She just doesn’t seem all that relevant. I mean, it’s ok to do all that stuff (evocative twirling gesture with hands) when you are in your twenties.”

From Lemon Pasta, aged 38:

“I just got MDNA. It’s OK, but I will defend it to the death because it is Madonna.”

On May 7th, the literary magazine PLOP! Review will publish my review of the new anthology Madonna and Me: Women Writers on The Queen of Pop (Soft Skull Press, 2012).

Assigned readings:

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I’m … Too Sexy for Madonna …

Actually, I have a different skill set.

Now, I don’t mean to sound as if I spent the last three decades (Mads’ career) developing the Space Station when not meditating. Of course I knew Madonna was … well, was. I read Camille Pagila. I disagreed, but never felt the need to argue. I thought that sex book was completely unnecessary. So I didn’t read it.

I jumped to review Madonna and Me: Women Writers on The Queen of Pop (Soft Skull Press, 2012). Such is the compelling contradiction she exhudes.

The review will run next week. Stay tuned. (Ha ha.)

My last review for PLOP! is Blueprints of the Afterlife.

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Alle to do Madonna. It’s all so sexy.

Tragically, I once had a gig writing copy for an on-line drugstore. I was (well) paid to come up with (boring) “content” for products such as Cherry Chapstick.

This was the mid-90s. Cherry Chapstick had been around since the mid-forevers. There was nothing new to say about Cherry Chapstick. Madonna had been around awhile, too. I did not feel dissimilarly.

Me and Madonna. No; seriously. That’s me.

Is there anything new to say about her in 2012?

Editor Lauren Barcella and 39 writers give it the college try in the brand-new anthology Madonna & Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop (Soft Skull Press, March, 2012.)

I’ll be reviewing the anthology for the literary magazine PLOP!.

What do you think? Is Madge still relevant? Was she ever, to you?

Which of her personas do you think is the “real” her: Trampy Virgin? Glitzy Material Girl?  Toy of Boys? Toy of Girls and Boys? Adopt-a-Refugee Day? Yoga Fabric Maiden?

All or none of the above?

What about that accent?

Sound off, fans and detractors alike.

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Alle publishes first Seattle review of Ryan Boudinot’s new novel, “Blueprints of the Afterlife.”

One form of hypercube - a tesseract - in double rotation.

One Blueprints character describes the hypercube: “The cube on the inside grows as the cube on the outside shrinks.”

What happens when the technology we unleash through the Internet becomes our physical reality, and we become its content? Go read my review before that thing stops turning.

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