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How to travel as a writer.

Someone on Facebook asked for information about maximizing time when on a research trip for a novel. What ho!

  1. Set a time every day to FaceTime or Skype with your children.
  2. Have something else going on. For example, I practice Tai Chi. I knew that there would be a lot of parks where the Chinese community practiced in the early mornings. I made a point to be in the neighborhood park by 6am. I met so many caring locals. They told me great places to eat and insider tips about the city that your characters need to know. One also helped me figure out which neighborhood in Bangkok my main character would live in.
  3. Spend more time on your book than seeing the sights. Limit sight seeing to elements that appear in the book.
  4. Write or edit on the plane. You write; food arrives. Tea arrives. Life doesn’t get better–until your kids arrive!
  5. Use your computer rather than a notebook. On days I used my notebook, I was too exhausted to transfer my notes. Still haven’t.
  6. Go to a library. My novel is set in the mid-90s. In the 90s, no newspaper in Cambodia published on-line. I went to the library at the Hun Sen University and read bound, back issues of newspapers.

Bon Voyage!

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New short story published: Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned

‘Daan’ means ‘road’ in Filipino. I don’t speak Filipino.

Great piece. It is remarkable in its consistent characterization, good pace, the way it pulls off an unusual setting realistically. It feels honest, and that’s tough to do with a story of someone on the road, post-trauma, going through self-discovery. 
                  Veronica Collins, Editor-in-Chief of This Great Society.

Set in The Philipines, “Good Girls Don’t Get Stoned” comes from many pages of girl and her backpack stories currently decorating the inside of a desk drawer.