About Childhood Goes International? Plus: Seattle WriterNews

About Childhood goes up up up, possibly international.

First order of business: my readers made my weekend, and for this you deserve a hearty dose of thanks. In response  to my hat-in-hand plea, you hit this blog 115 times in a single day. Yowza:

  • six new subscribers, including someone I don’t know
  • what appears to be my first reader from China. Our dedicated reporting team is hoping for a confirmation soon;
  • following Day of Yowza, traffic to About Childhood clocks 14 times as many hits; okay, so
  • the increase is due the fact that previously, we had nowhere to go but up. To survive in publishing, it helps to define progress broadly and celebrate the minutia. That, or cry a lot.

Previous to the Day of 115, there was the Day of 94, which occurred directly after I  posted on Seattle WriterGrrrrls. I conclude that SWGrr. is a good place to trawl for readers. Seqey to …

Seattlewritergrrrls Seeks Members

SWGrrr. is exclusive only in that we are hard to find. Good luck unto those who go all intuitive by Yahoo/google-ing “seattle” and  “writergrrls.” Gotta look specifically for  “seattlewritergrrls.” Website? Broke. FB? You need to be friended. Thus, I hereby present the keys to the kingdom:

  • Send a message to: seattlewritergrrls@yahoogroups.com
  • Subscribe: seattlewritergrrls-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • Special to Spokane readers: search for ” Spokane” and “writergrrrls”, and bingo. Go figure.

And now, a great reason to come over from Spokane …

Hot Conference: Early Warning

On the weekend of May 21-23, Richard Hugo House will be hosting its first writers’ conference: “Finding Your Readers in the 21st Century” will explore “the changing literary landscape and the options available to writers for getting their work out in the world, into the hands of readers.”

You heard it here first.