Movie … Movie!

carousel 2I submitted again to Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest. Last, year, I was a semi-finalist with my short story, “I Wanted Ten” (published this past October in Blue Lake Review). This year, I went for an essay. (I checked with them first.) I submitted “The Brass Ring” – in the category of Rom-Com.

This year, ScreenCraft added the category of Cinematic Novel. Guess what I did …

A New Video for an Old Essay

One of my favorite essays, The Brass Ring, published in Creative Nonfiction Magazine in the 1990s. The Euonia Review (I can’t pronounce that, either) re-published it in 2016.

I’m having so much fun making trailers for my new publications that I’ve moved on to fluffing the old pubs. Enjoy! But don’t forget to come back here to read the essay.