The Glam

More Notes from the “My Avatar” Reading

SCENE:  Interior of Town Hall. High, white walls with arching, stained glass roof. Very cool. In the front pews, the writers and techies mingle for dress rehearsal.

Me: Jenny, what are you wearing tonight?

Jenny. Very straight. Nice black pants and a white blouse. Matching black jacket.  Although I did bring a gold-painted velvet coat that I bought in Venice.

Me: Wear the coat. Then I can wear my apricot-velvet pirate captain coat.

Jenny: I’d be the most overdressed woman in Washington State.

Me: I’ll be wearing an apricot-velvet pirate captain coat. (Turns to Vikram Chandra.) How ’bout you, Vikram? Jacket and tie?

Vikram: I don’t own a tie. I’m ethnic. People don’t expect a tie.

The Glam

Alle Interviewed: The Glam continues

It is 3pm.

As I dust off my smashing ensemble, warm up my voice, wonder why I never have pantyhose when I need them, and run through my reading one last time, I peer at my brand-new blog (non-obsessively, I assure you) to discover the first of a two-part interview with me on Too Fond Of Books.

A “Spotlight Interview.” Oooooh!

2FOB is an cataloguing of some largess, smart opinion about things read and stuff thought. Give it a gander.

I hope to see some of you tonight at Town hall (7:30PM). Wish me luck.

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More on My Avatar—because I WON

Perhaps it is not obvious, but I am still reveling in the fact that I won.

Many of you wanted to know more about the contest: every year since it opened its Victorian doors, Richard Hugo House throws a New Works Competition. A theme is given, a word count maximum established, and a date set by which submissions must be received. We now move out of the sonorous passive voice, as it is considered poor writing, to say that because I won, I am invited to read at the fourth and final installment of this year’s Hugo Literary Series, alongside Famous Writers.

We will be sharing our work around the theme “My Avatar” at Seattle’s top-notch literary venue Town Hall. Included on the evening’s bill are Jennifer Boylan and Vikram Chandra.

Oh, yes; A-hem: and me. Because I won.

For those Philistines who have not connected with the work of  “Jenny” and “Vik” (??), future blog posts will inform and inspire. You. To come.

Get yer tix at: