“I want to help people to make the impossible more possible, the possible more pleasant,

and the pleasant more elegant.”

—Moshe Feldenkrais.

Alle’s Get Published series provides support for learning about publishing as you are publishing.

Public domain

Front Burner, Back Burner: Open Up Your Story.

Writers often rely too heavily on the prompting experience. Finding a parallel narrative can open your story. Perhaps the experience on the front burner is related to the one on the back; perhaps not. Riffing, front to back, a resonance begins. If the writer can let go, a possibility arises: a story that transcends the original experience, as good as it may have been, for the universal.

Get Published: The Book Review

Public domainThere is no reason that your book review shouldn’t be published right now, by someone other than yourself. Participants will leave understanding how today’s publishing works, and with a plan for submitting at least one piece. Attendance at prior “Get Published” workshop not required.

3. Get Published: Your Short Piece Finds a Home

There is no reason that your essay, short fiction, or article shouldn’t be published right now, by someone other than yourself. Reaching far beyond the personal experiences that generally comprise talks of this nature, I draw on an industry-global perspective (traditional as well as electronic) culled from interviewing agents and editors once a month, for six years.

4. Get Published: Get Yer Pitch On

You need a two-minute spiel conveying characters, plot, setting, hook, and climax, all delivered with confidence and charm.

  • For: prose writers of any level—fiction and nonfiction. Most appropriate for writers of book-length manuscripts, but writers of short work are welcome.

5. Rolling with a Rejection: “I’m Sorry, Mr. Kipling … “ “ … but you just don’t know how to use the English language.” Rudyard went on to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. So there. This is the class for writers looking to organize their submissions strategy and to learn to experience The Great Inevitable with humor and dignity.

I work with individuals as well as with groups, for a single or multiple sessions.

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