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YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: June, 2020

tally marksSubmissions:        87

Acceptances:          4

Rejections:            109

Good Rejections:   34

Publications              4

June turned out to be a mega-month for me, with three publications and what looks to be two more acceptances.

Ok, let’s call that 1.5.


One of the acceptances is from a brand new magazine that will debut later this summer. Survivor Lit – does that not have me written all over it? I’m merely doing a book review, but I am pleased to be able review an anthology called Whatever Gets You Through: Twelve Survivors on Life After Sexual Assault. I gave the book a thumb’s up, particularly for the reader who is new to their recovery, or wondering if they are a survivor. (It could be quite triggering.)

The reason I put this piece at “.5” of an acceptance is that the editor has not given it the final-final OK. No counting those little chickies yet! 

The other publication given a partial point looks like it has a good chance, but a fairly significant revision has yet to be OK’d. The graphic to the right should give you hint about context.

FINALLY: a most excellent rejection on an essay from The Missouri Review, considered by some to be #15 in the county when it comes to literary nonfiction.

We were delighted to have the chance to consider “Goddess of Mercy! The Painful Durability of Addiction” for publication.

This piece was remarkable, you have a very compelling writing style that we all enjoyed in this piece. The contemporary allusions and journey made us, as readers, feel like we were experiencing someone’s modern adventure gone awry. However, the ending of the story made us feel as though more could have happened. Often in the short stories we most consider, endings that do not go the way our characters envisioned, or a lack of understanding keeps the reader asking questions long after having read it.

The Eds.

YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: April, 2020

tally marksSubmissions:     55

Acceptances:          3

Rejections:            80

Good Rejections:   22

Publications            2

Good Mama
A Good Mama and a Decent Human Being

Good new for April: I heard from an excellent literary magazine that one of my essays is in the final round. I should hear yay/ney by mid-month.

Sad news for April: I received an acceptance from a lovely little magazine, for a piece I hold dear to my heart (A Good Mama and a Decent Human Being). However, I was not careful in my research, and somehow missed that they were a print-only magazine. I have found that with the smaller publications, it is of the most value to me to have a link that I can send around. Otherwise, not many people are going to be able to read that work. Sadly, I turned them down; and felt like an asshole.

As Far As You Can Go news: I attended a (virtual) conference where I had four meetings with agents – and received four requests for partials. (Usually 50 pages and a short synopsis.)

I am not going to send out any more queries for this novel until I hear back from these four. Given the virus, and the unavoidable fact that we have NO IDEA what publishing will look like for a while, I don’t imagine that the first book on most agents’ list will be an incest story. Perhaps we will know more by the fall …

In addition to the four agents from the conference, I have four good leads on friend-of-friend agents. You only get one shot, with these guys. If Coronavirus continues to decimate the industry, I am going to save those precious recommendations for Crazy Medicine – which I feel I might be sending out by the fall. As Far As You Can Go can publish as my second book.

High school Lena, happy with her first boyfriend – until she is NOT.

Speaking of Crazy Medicine: I miss writing about Lena! Luckily for me, I have landed in a wonderful critique group. They have agreed to read the whole novel at one shot, rather than 10 pages a week for 100 years.

I sent it to them last Friday and will start getting feedback on May 5th. Oh, they are lovely!


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YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: March, 2020

tally marksSubmissions:     44

Acceptances:          2

Rejections:             61

Good Rejections:   20

Publications            2

Big news for March: after submitting many, many times to each, I finally received personal, encouraging “No”  e-mails from The New York Times and Huffington Post. Another big “Good” came from the British paper, The Independent. My first sub to them, and the response was: “Please pitch more.”

Tragically, my piece went to the travel section. NOT HAPPENING ANY TIME SOON.

Things seem to be moving both slowly and quickly in the Rejection/ Submissions department of Life by Alle. I feel as if I haven’t been sending out a lot,  but 44 by the end of March is good work. And I am pleased with the ratio of “Good” to “Dear Writer: NO.”

Many of the submissions are for my novel As Far As You Can Gorather than for short pieces; primarily because: I’m running out of work! Over the past two years, most of my short pieces have been published.


“Write more,” you say. Well, ha! I am working on my second novel, Crazy Medicine (starring some girl who is my image for Lena, above, at Angkor Wat, in Cambodia). Since the middle of January, I have put down 63,000 words of what my writing teacher, Jennifer Haupt, calls The Crappy First Draft. Doesn’t leave a lot of headspace for other projects  …


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Submissions/Rejections: End of 2019

tally marksSubmissions:        161

Acceptances:             3
Rejections:              161

Good Rejections:    42

Publications               2

Gorgeous original art by David Humphrey.

My second literary publication of 2019 came in just under the wire, on Dec. 23rd: a short story with gorgeous original art by David Humphrey. To have the lead-off piece in Dale Peck’s Evergreen Review is coup for me. I can only hope an agent or two loves the piece as much as Dale and John over at Evergreen say they did. Again, the art is out-of-this-world. I never would have thought to use the colors and images David employs, but how perfectly he captures Carlie’s journey!

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By the Numbers: “The Great Ultimate”


Original art for “The Great Ultimate” by David Humphrey.

“The Great Ultimate” was the most recent of the four short stories adapted from chapters of my as-of-yet-unpublished (grumble) novel, and in October of 2018, I was eager to start sending it out.

I submitted “The Great Ultimate” to fourteen magazines before Evergreen said yes. For me, fourteen is an extraordinarily small number of submissions prior to acceptance.

Getting into Evergreen took some gumshoe. Finding no formal submission process on their website, I first sent a different story, I Wanted Ten, to the “info” address—just an attachment to an email. Heard nothing. For months. When “I Wanted Ten” was accepted by Blue Lake Review, I did what The Big They say you are supposed to do in such a situation: I contacted Evergreen—again, by simple email—describing the situation and offering instead “The Great Ultimate.” I’ll let Dale take the story, from here.  (Link: dale-peck-announces-alles-short-story-the-great-ultimate.)