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New essay “Round Down” has new video.

I made a video - a very short video - in support of "Round Down." You guys: as a special perk of subscribing to¬†About Childhood, I am going to crown you guinea pigs. Tell me what you think! You... Continue Reading →


A great litmag returns: Treehouse

One of my favorite magazines is back online, after a hiatus of three-or-so years. Welcome back, Treehouse! In their honor, I sent them two pieces of flash fiction. They could return the honor by accepting at least one ... Continue Reading →

Rounding Down “Round Down”

I began "Round Down" at least a hundred years ago - okay, probably fifteen years ago - in a Hugo House class taught by Brangien Davis on writing humor. I hoped it would be a funny little piece about cheating... Continue Reading →

First rejection of the New Year.

"Dear Writer: NO." This rejection came from Juked. It is an excellent magazine. I've sent them 7 seven stories in the past three years. They liked the first one. "We are happy to read more of your work." It's been... Continue Reading →

… and then there was this note …

... from jmww magazine (all lower-case; I love it): Thank you for sending us "Round Down," and happy new year! I loved this piece and would be honored to publish it in jmww, Round Down will publish next week. Will... Continue Reading →

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