The 200

I just sent my 200th submission YTD. Felt like this:

Rockin’ hysterical famous video.

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New Piece in “Brevity”

The nonfiction blog run by Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction published a my craft essay: Small Miracles: Sweet-Talking Short Pieces from Your Full-Length Manuscript.

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A list of 500+ literary agents can be yours if …

I found a plump and marvelous list that I am using myself. I would be happy to share the wealth, but for once, I’m going to be a little grabby: you have to follow this blog or follow me on Facebook at: Alle C. Hall, Writer:

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YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: March through 1/2-April, 2021

Submissions:        141

Rejections:             108 (38 for As Far as You Can Go)

Good Rejections:   29

Acceptances:            5

Publications             3

I feel like Amber Ruffin: “You guys! It has been crazy!” Since my mid-February YTD, I have:

You guys, it has been crazy!
  • more than doubled my submission rate;
  • almost quadrupled my rejection rate—hit 100 for the year!
  • almost doubled my number of “good” rejections;
  • published an additional piece and have one in the pipeline for summer;
  • was interviewed twice: one on a podcast and once, traditionally;
  • read on a different podcast the piece that placed as a finalist for The Lascaux Prize; and
  • was nominated for the 2021 Best Small Fictions anthology.
Palm tree: Agents. Tsunami: Me!

I credit the tsunamic uptick to my fourth attempt to find an agent: 2001, 2005, 2019, and now. In 1996, Nothing like querying agents for binging in those rejections. In 2001, I’d missed the Oprah-Book-Club-about-child-abuse spirit of the 1990s. In 2005, there was very little appetite for books about child abuse—although I did get as close as I may ever to a book/movie deal. I tucked my wee hopes and the manuscript into a drawer and raised a couple of kids. Then: the advent of #Me,Too. A zeitgeist!

Now, while my previous efforts had not landed me an agent, all three yielded a good response. About 35% asked to see the full manuscript. With the 2019 attempt, my response rate was zero.

Before sending out in 2019, I re-freshed and re-wrote, wherein I flipped around couple of chapters. Lacking the original opening (Trigger Warnings all over the place, but you can’t say this isn’t eye-catching), the new new opening was dry.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. You can say a lot of things about my writing, but “dry” is not generally one of them.

I’m not gonna miss my shot!

I re-re-arranged—in the process, missing my zeitgeist—and this past winter, was ready to launch. I started with a sample group. You see, once an agent rejects a manuscript, they don’t want to see it again. Unless they do, but in such an instance, they will Let. You. Know. If Launch #4 hit another goose-egg, I was not gonna miss my shot with potential agents.

I got the bounce I needed. I credit my outstanding editor, L.S. King. Also, my resume had improved: I’d placed as a finalist for an impressive prize, gotten into a significant magazine, and FINALLY realized that I a ready-made blurb by none other than Dale Peck—some stuff he wrote related to the short story of mine that he published

Receiving my bounce, I hit the bricks: I found a concise user-friendly list of more than 500 literary agents** and am chewing my way through it. In the two weeks since April began: sixty-one queries resulting in five requests for the full manuscript. I will literally try every appropriate agent on this list until I win the jackpot—or tuck my wee hopes and 230 pages into a drawer and try again when the zeitgeist allows. 

**Follow this blog and I will avail you of the link. Current subscribers, alert me in the comments and I will send it.


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Alle interviewed about “Hong Kong, My Twenties.”

I **star** in the latest Author Q&A (love that: author!) over at Under the Gum Tree.

If you have not yet read Hong Kong, My Twenties, now is your chance.

All thanks to Noah for an excellent experience with this interview. The questions were stimulating and a challenge to answer.