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Another acceptance: Alle’s roll continues!

With a big helping of gratitude, I share the announcement of another acceptance: a fiction short-short. 305 words. If you recall, on January 15th, I posted that one of my favorite lit-mags, Treehouse, had returned to publishing after a multi-year hiatus.... Continue Reading →


Movie! Movie!

I made the cut.  

Movie! Movie! Semi-finalist?

Congratulations! You are officially a quarter-finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest! The announcement of the semi-finalists was supposed to be today. Yesterday, quarter-finalists received an e-mail saying the announcement would be delayed until February 19th. According to the e-mail,... Continue Reading →

Five agents want my manuscript

Ha! Not mine! (But I sure know how to catch an eyeball, don't I?) Here's a great question from Facebook page for writers. See if you can guess my answer. Question:. Four agents have my book proposal. A fifth agent... Continue Reading →

A New Video for an Old Essay

One of my favorite essays, The Brass Ring, published in Creative Nonfiction Magazine in the 1990s. The Euonia Review (I can't pronounce that, either) re-published it in 2016. I'm having so much fun making trailers for my new publications that I've moved on... Continue Reading →

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