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Shawn McClure’s piece featured on WordPress Reader.

I wasn't the only one who thought that JMWW Journal writer Shawn McClure did an amazing job with Sorrow for the Wings. This CNF short-short was a featured post on WordPress Reader. If you haven't had a chance to read Shawn's... Continue Reading →


YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: March/April 2018

Submissions:       35 Acceptances:          2 Rejections:             40 Good Rejections:   12 Publications            3   Missed posting for March. Sorry! I am still letting... Continue Reading →

New on JMWW

I edited "Life Lists" by Elizabeth Felicitti, exploring an unlikely connection between love, birding, and death. Fascinating and original.      

A piece I edited on JMWW: “You’ll See.”

This short essay by Emily James on JMWW doesn't go where you think. Powerful.

A second publication in Treehouse.

A few weeks back, the literary magazine Treehouse published my fiction short-short, "Crashing." Treehouse asks each author to come up with a list of five things to write about. Whatever five things we want to write about. I tried to be... Continue Reading →

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