Surreal: Another Acceptance: Flash Fiction.

KibbutzYesterday, I received the news that the online and purely excellent magazine, Literary Orphans, accepted my flash fiction piece, “A Distressing State of Purity.” This news comes barely a week after an acceptance from Blue Lake Review for my short story, “I Wanted Ten.”

This is a lot of blessings. I am a bit flummoxed and exceedingly grateful.

As “A Distressing State of Purity” runs a mere 242 words, I’m not going into plot details. Suffice to say, it involves the individuals pictured above, and takes place here:

Map Israel Today


Acceptance: Alle’s 8th literary publication this year.

1 sad girl
Meet The Thief

Blue Lake Review accepted my short story, “I Wanted Ten”.

They will publish “I Wanted Ten” in their October issue.

I’ve worked on “I Wanted Ten” for 25 years–first as the opening chapter of a novel that never sold, and then as a short story. Since 2006, I’ve submitted the short story “I Wanted Ten” to 30 magazines; and before that, as part of the novel, to over 50 literary agents before one signed me.

In other words: this story is a tough sell. It deals with incest, which was a tough sell in the post-Oprah 90s (over, kaput; done). The topic was a tough sell until #Me, Too revived commercial  interest in survivorship. For “I Wanted Ten” is no story of victimhood. This is the story of our friend Jen, up there. In the face of incest, she steals $10,000 from her abusive parents and runs away.

Tune in this October.

“The Best of Crack the Spine” includes me.

Crack Spine

At long last! The Best of  Crack the Spine is now available!

The anthology includes my sassy flash fiction, “Dressed Left.”

It is my first inclusion in a Best Of, and it is a printed thing; an honest-to-goodness book. Goodness gracious.





Alle curates special issue “In the Pocket” – Flash Nonfiction all week at jmww

This week, all week, jmww journal is publishing a special issue: all flash nonfiction, all week. Titled “In the Pocket,” pieces 350 words of fewer have been running as of last Friday.  New pieces post every day, through this coming Friday.

By way of a preview, please follow along as Walburga Appleseed wrestles with a question that continues to plague this nation, down to the individual.

What It Is by Walburga Appleseed

“It’s just a blob,” says the counselor on the other end of the line. “Just a blob of cells. It doesn’t even have a heartbeat yet.”

She is trying to be helpful and kind, and I want to believe her, but the thing that invited itself into my womb is not a blob. It is a universe.


blue dancingSeptember 10

  • Saskatchewan by Mindy Haskins Rogers
  • You and I Were Never Going to Trade Spare Keys by H.E. Fisher
  • Philoxenia by Lisa Reily


peachesSeptember 11

  • Maybe in the Fall by Sue Repko
  • A Daughter’s Plea by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar


September 12

  • Stop Everything You’re Doing, and Observe Carefully the Numbers by Mark Budman


September 13

  • Boys in the Snow by Samantha Claire Updegrave
  • Coronach by Linda Kempe


September 14

  • Fat Black Woman With No Ass But Breasts That Make Up For It by Katherine D. Morgan



JMWW’s”Best of the Net” Nominations for 2018.

From “Sorrow for the Wings”

Last year, I was a nominee. This year, as an editor, it was my privilege to nominate. My nominations are in the Nonfiction category. I listed the other categories’ noms, just in case you’d like to read those, as well.

Best of luck to …


Sorrow for the Wings by Shawn McClure

But It Is Dark by Jennifer Fliss


Leave Her Wild by Shannon L. Bowring

Lifecolor Indoor Latex Paints – Whites and Reds by Kristen Ploetz



End of Days by Nancy Allen
Black Snake by Nancy Allen
Always the possibility by Surabhi Balachander,
Interview by Ben Gunsberg
Red Dirt by W. Luther Jett
Days Like This by W. Luther Jett

Richard Prins rocks the Sub-Sahara with “Already Yesterday” on jmww journal.

My latest editorial undertaking, starring author Richard Prins (pictured below with two fellows who show up in his charming and honest nonfiction, Already Yesterday.)