On JMWW: “My Marching Band” by my writer, Michael Royce.

I cannot say enough about the lovely cadence and quiet dignity of My Marching Band by Michael Royce. Please do take a look.marching band



Richard Prins rocks the Sub-Sahara with “Already Yesterday” on jmww journal.

My latest editorial undertaking, starring author Richard Prins (pictured below with two fellows who show up in his charming and honest nonfiction, Already Yesterday.)





By the Numbers: “The Summers of Carefully”


Writing flash as I do, it strikes me that the number of words in a piece only slightly exceeds the number of times I have to submit before the piece is accepted.

Alle’s famed comic hyperbole strikes again; The word count for The Summers of Carefully is 286. Right Hand Pointing was its 40th submission.

puppy swimmingCarefully was inspired by a facebook question from a fellow writer: “You guys, how do lifeguards smell?” Without hesitation, I posted that which I made up: “Lifeguards smell like the wind and dead fish.” Then I edited to add, “But not enough to matter.”

Like I said, 40th submission. There were a number of re-writes in there. One–when Cousin Traci arrived–bumped the piece from under 50 words to its current length. That revision did not *pop* the way many ideas do for me. I remember staring at the first paragraph for a long time. It was so boring.  Cara on the beach with only her fantasies. She needed a foil. A square foil.

I started submitting it. I got some good feedback–including one lovely rejection from Tahoma Review, and another excellent note from The Vestal Review. But I never felt the piece was the best it could be. Twice, I stopped submitting so as to work on it.

The second time I sent it to its room, I called on the ineffable Carole L. Glickfeld, with whom I work when my fiction flummoxes me. At that point, the puppy was a one-liner. “They watched him rescue a puppy. Awwwwww.” Remi was not yet identified. The puppy-lifeguard was an amorphous “he.” (Really bad choice; really bad. Never do that again. Never, never, never.)

puppy elf
Puppy Elf writes for you.

Carole was curious about the puppy. “Not enough coming from the puppy.” I worked on the puppy part and then put it away for awhile. Weeks later, I re-read it in preparation for sending to Right Hand Pointing. I forgot I made the change! It was as if the puppy elves did the work for me. How kind!


YTD Submissions, Acceptances, and Rejections: June, 2018

tally marksSubmissions:       69

Acceptances:          6
Rejections:             55

Good Rejections:   19

Publications            6



Thru mid-June, submissions lagged. Certain pieces submitted at certain places meant I didn’t want to send that piece to too many other places until I heard back; combined with the fact that many places I wanted to submit didn’t open for submissions until July.

Now, July. Subbed the ones I could (6 places) on July 1st. August is another month that magazines opening for summer reading. I wager I’ll have 20 more pieces in rotation by the end of August. More pieces out, more rejections in. And you thought it was all glamour and awards.

gold-dollar-signI went for a grant. Artist Trust’s Grants for Artist Programs (GAP). I have another due at the end of August. I never win grants, so I might as well apply. They say that the people who win grants are always applying for them.

Many thanks to those on Facebook who made generous comments regarding my finalist position in the Creative Nonfiction Magazine “Intoxication” contest. The same magazine has another contest coming up; theme: Sex.

I’m gonna skip that one. I swear, in the era of #Me,Too, I have nothing to say about sex. Someone figure that out for me.


Alle “All Right!” with fiction pub in “Right Hand Pointing.”

It’s up, it’s up! My newest flash fiction in the tiny but impressive RHP.

Lifeguard ChairThis image is not from the publication. I chose it to inspire you to read “The Summers of Carefully.” (Heh heh.) RHP’s format is a single scroll adventure. If you don’t want to read the rest of the issue–which I highly encourage you to do–scroll down ten pieces (including the editor’s letter) and enjoy.

The editor, F. John Sharp, said about “The Summers of Carefully”:

I really like the craftsmanship of this. And it’s sweet and feels real.

Alle doesn’t win Creative Nonfiction Magazine’s “Intoxication” Contest

Kuan Yin
Goddess of Mercy

(Perhaps I do not drink enough?)

There is good news: I was a finalist. Over 400 submissions and I was finalist.

This essay concerns almost being arrested in Communist China in context of my relationship with the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. I am not going to reveal any more because this essay, Goddess of Mercy, is currently on submission at eight different magazines. One day, I will place that sucker.

One last note: this finalist nod is the second time I have been a finalist in a Creative Nonfiction essay contest. One day, perhaps I will win that sucker.