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How I Wrote That Story: Picking the Bones

The prompt was was "Imaginary Friends." I didn't have any. I wrote about my grade school fantasy girl, who was blonde and was picked up by limousine from school every afternoon. She was offered a bowl of Jolly Rancher candies. She only ate Apple and... Continue Reading →


What is a short-short?

I have been lying to you ... Not lying; I have been ... inconsistent. I've used "short story." I've used "short-short." So, which is what? My friend and writing teacher, Carole Glickfeld, once described a short story as, "A character starts... Continue Reading →

Picking the Bones: Publication, by the Numbers

Its first time out, "Picking the Bones" went to five magazines. One wanted it. Can I tell you how NEVER a piece of mine has been accepted so quickly? With the submission that took, at The Citron Review, I am sure it helped that... Continue Reading →

Short-short available for your reading pleasure: Picking the Bones …

... published today in The Citron Review. TCR is considered among the Best of the Best in Flash Fiction. I am proud.

“Bones” to publish Dec. 22nd!

was the obvious shout over at The Citron Review, upon reading Alle C. Hall's short story submission, the soon-to-publish "Picking the Bones." Ms. Hall was informed by email that her piece, a brilliant depiction of bone-picking, was to publish "in the... Continue Reading →

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