About Childhood:

Answers for Writers, Parents, and Former Children

Truth can be more literal than the writer imagines.

My eleven-year-old and I were playing a game wherein the question was, "What is something that is sugar-coated?" I warbled, "Truth." The answer was:


I want 100 rejections every year

If you are not getting 100 rejections a year, you are not doing your job. It's a lot of rejection. It totally blows. The only way to get 100 rejections is to send out at least 100 submissions. If one... Continue Reading →

“Dear Writer: NO.”

Below is a kind version that editors send to all the girls, a phenomenon I call "Dear Writer: NO." Thank you for allowing us to consider your work. Though we find we are unable to use it, we consider it... Continue Reading →

A Good Rejection

Today, from The Portland Review, as follows: Dear Alle. Thank you for submitting "Round Down." While we really enjoyed your work, we don't feel this piece is right for us at this time. However, we do encourage you to send... Continue Reading →

This week’s Rejection: #89 for 2017

This week's rejection was from Hobart: Another Literary Journal, which is on everyone's list of Best-of-the-Best places to publish flash fiction, Top Ten Places to publish flash fiction, etc. Hobart probably publishes less than 3% of their unsolicited submissions. Maybe less than 1%.... Continue Reading →

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